Tetsuya Noguchi Exhibit ― THIS IS NOT A SAMURAI ―

Tetsuya Noguchi Exhibit


Tetsuya Noguchi is a contemporary artist who questions modernity and humanity through the theme of armour and people. In his works, he presents rather realistic images of unadorned people. They may seem in juxtaposition with the traditional image of an armour at first, given that they show people who are: motionless, wearing suits of armour, relaxing, in distress, wearing trendy sneakers, or naturally wearing armour with a brand logo on it. His unique worldview, in which diverse cultures and emotions blend together, is supported by a wide range of people both in Japan and abroad.

This exhibition consists of approximately 180 representative works from his early years, as well as new works, including sculptures, paintings, and installations depicting people wearing armour, and introduces the world of kindness, sadness, and curiosity about human beings, filtered through Tetsuya Noguchi's broad thinking and elaborate works.


Prefecture Venue Date
Kagawa TAKAMATSU ART MUSEUM February 6 (Sat.) - March 21 (Sun.), 2021
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Museum April 15 (Thu.) - June 13 (Sun.), 2021
Gunma Gunma Museum of Art,Tatebayashi July 3 (Sat.) - September 5 (Sun.), 2021
Aichi KARIYA CITY ART MUSEUM Scheduled for fall 2021


  • Chapter 1
    Tiny armours and very small samurai greet visitors.
    But the samurai are "not samurai". What does that actually mean?
    This is an introduction to a curious and unique world of artworks, where the concepts of "what seems to doesn’t exist, does" and "what seems to exist, doesn’t" are finely mixed together.
    Shoulder bag and Sneaker and SAMURAI [2013]
  • Chapter 2
    A living helmet, a samurai listening to his headphones, men in armour walking a cat.An important notion found in the works, "Things that seem to exist, but do not”, reflects a keen insight into our society.Even though the rules are different from those of the past, the human condition is still alive and well even today.A unique kind of realism unfolds through hidden readings and philosophies.
    Talking Head [2010]
  • Chapter 3
    An armoured figure in a small box, seemingly an insect specimen.That mysterious figure, which looks as if it is either asleep or dead, arouses the curiosity of the viewer.From palm-sized works to works smaller than a pinky finger, they are sure to inspire curiosity.Expression of an emotionless person sleeping peacefully emerges beneath the helmet.s
  • Chapter 4
    A fantastic, picture-book-inspired worldview, and armoured figures depicted using classical European techniques.
    The paintings, expressed from a perspective that differs to some extent from our preconceived notions, are all reproduced using acrylic paint.A classic, yet distinctly fresh world of painting unfolds.
    17C - Musical allegory - based on Vermeer [2017]
  • Chapter 5
    For the artist, Tetsuya Noguchi, the concept of samurai is not really essential, provided that there are two other things present: armours and human beings.The fact that he looks at human beings clearly and without the “samurai” filter - even when they are wearing armours - may come across as a part gentle, part ironic warning sign to those of us who tend to be prejudiced against different races and cultures.In this exhibition, you will see a collection of his recent works that elaborately express and depict human beings, emotions, and armours.
    Action Man [2016]


Tetsuya Noguchi

Born in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture in 1980. Graduated from the Department of Oil Painting, Faculty of Arts, Hiroshima City University in 2003, and completed the graduate school of the same university in 2005. He creates sculptures and paintings using resin and acrylic paints with the motif of "armor and humans".

In 2016, won the Kagawa Prefecture Culture and Arts Newcomer Award. Major solo exhibitions include "Samurai Surrealism" (Nerima Art Museum, Asahibeer Oyamazaki Villa Museum of Art), "With Love from the Middle Ages" (Pola Museum Annex), "In Armor"(SHUSUI MUSEUM).

He has published some art books at SEIGENSHA and Kyuryudo.
He also produced works in collaboration with companies such as CHANEL and Audi Japan.In 2015 he worked on art direction at Haneda Airport International Terminal.